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Speed & stability

MASH offers fast and stable performance with multi-threaded nodes and support for Viewport 2.0 (Maya 2015) so you can turn those instances up even higher.


MASH works out of the box with industry standard renderers Vray, Arnold and Mental Ray. By baking your networks, you can of course use MASH with any renderer.

27 nodes

MASH is a complete toolkit offering multiple ways to tackle an array of animation challenges making it hugely flexible. Its node based system arms you with the ability to create your own bespoke networks.

Simplified set up

MASH is very intuitive to set up and use with a polished, artist friendly interface and useful defaults. Use the included utilities to hook MASH up to other Maya systems including nParticles.
What is it?

MASH extends Maya’s toolset

MASH is a suite of 27 Maya nodes developed in-house at Mainframe aimed at enabling our artists to create versatile ‘motion design’ style animations. It offers a selection of effector nodes which can be daisy chained together to generate a wide variety of customisable effects. It’s fully controllable from both Maya’s Attribute and Node Editors.
Whether you’re into modelling, animation, mo-graph, environments, particles, vfx, graphics or audio MASH will have something useful for you.

MASH is compatible with Maya 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 for OSX 10.7+ & Windows (64-bit).

MASH is entirely procedural meaning everything is live in the viewport. Want to increase the noise on your instances? Just adjust the values in Maya’s Attribute Editor and see your changes immediately. No waiting for simulations.

Watch our quick demo of simple MASH networks:

Your download of MASH also includes several preset files to help get you started.

View 3.0 Documentation

View 2.2.3 Documentation

Studentscontact us if you’re interested in using MASH in one of your projects.

Site licence – We also have site licence options available. Please contact us for more info.


  • Image courtesy of @garyjaeger Thanks. 1 week ago
  • Very interesting use of MASH sent to us over the weekend. We don't know what it is but we like it! 1 week ago
  • Linux beta updated to 3.2.3 including an extension to the licence through to 4th Feb. Login to your account to download the latest. 2 weeks ago
  • MASH 3.2.3 out. More details here - If you've got 3.x then just login to your account to get the latest installers. 3 weeks ago
  • Maya to AE updated. Now correctly translates fps from your @AdskMaya scene across to @AdobeAE New AE script here 4 weeks ago
  • MASH for real - Concentrically Layered Ceramic Sculptures and Vessels by Matthew Chambers via @Colossal 1 month ago